August 4, 2011

Cross stitch

I finished this one last year, it sits in my living room and I love it dearly.

Cross stitching is great fun, now you may be thinking Emily just went all old lady on me. If you are a blogger you may think AWESOME, if not, you probably think what the jack is cross stitch you old hag?!?!?

Hear me out...I can remember being a kid and watching my mom cross stitch while we watched old movies together. She always had this thing that went over the sofa arm to hold her needles and thread, I used to sit down and rest my arm right on it only to curse my mothers name for leaving that stupid piece of junk on the sofa. Now I have one of those stupid pieces of junk on my sofa. Well not only do I love to cross stitch and watch old movies just like my mother (don't know when that snuck up on me) but now I can even do some of the killer patterns she did in these great 70s pattern books. The best part is seeing her initials and year next to the ones she completed. I plan to slap my initials next to some of them too.

*my mother had hoped to finish that Welcome to our nest cross stitch for my grandmother before she died. Unfortunately, my grand mother the greatest woman to ever live died before my mom was able to. So I made it...for both of them.


  1. Awe, the owl picture is so cute! Great job. Thank you for such a sweet comment, Emily!
    xo, Elsie

  2. Oh! I love your cute blog AND your owlie cross stitch! Just cuteness all around. :)

  3. i think it's adorable :) i wish i could cross stitch! seems like such a great way to make some cute decorations for the house :)