November 15, 2011

Flops & Tops

 Okay so you may have thought I totally bailed on the world wide blogosphere. However, you would be totally freaking wrong. I just happened to have absolutely no interest in looking at a computer screen once I was done working each day, or when I got up in the morning. Whatevs I am back now. With some funny shiz to share.

The Flops
  • Buying a super cute new coat and deciding to wear it everywhere. Only to realize that the weather has turned decidedly warmer and you are sweating your balls off (well if you had balls).

  • Trying to enjoy this wave of nice weather by working with the windows open. Only to have your neighbors who are in their 30s play corn hole all day every day and drive your dog COMPLETELY NUTS!! Like batshit crazy, barking and whining.

  • Who doesn't love a dinner party right? I mean I know I do especially when it is a birthday dinner party right. You know what's better than that. Enjoying a birthday dinner party without the birthday boy. Why you might ask?!?! Oh that's right because your husband has gone to pick him up by the side of the road because he almost lost a tire. Not like a flat tire folks like almost lost the whole freaking wheel....yeah it was an interesting night kids.
The Tops
  • Making a killer good butternut squash and tortellini recipe and enjoying the hell out of the entire stick of butter it had in its sauce.

  • While enjoying that extremely buttery sticks to your ass dinner, we listened to Miles Davis on vinyl. It felt kind of like we had our very own jazz under ground restaurant. We topped it off with some dancing in the living room in front of the fire. Felt like a scene out of a movie....minus my fushia pajama pants.

  • Waking up to your kitty cat curled up by your head and purring away. Okay so his ass was kind of too close to my face but I will take kitty cat cuddles whenever I can get them.

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  1. That is so funny about the corn hole playing. Don't those people have to work??