January 24, 2012

Bookshelf: Neverwhere

Good books are like old friends. When you find one that just gets you it's impossible to put it down. That's how I felt about Neverwhere. I read this book a little bit ago, but loved it dearly! Did you ever read or see the movie Stardust? It's written by the same author.

The story centers around Richard Mayhew. A nice guy who stops to help a girl bleeding in the street. The girl is Door and Door is being chased by assassins. He assists her and then she is gone. After helping the girl Richard discovers that he has become invisible and soon loses his job and his home.

He travels to the London underground in search of Door to figure out how to put his life back in order. Only to discover that maybe life isn't better the way it was.

This is the type of book that I am always searching for. Okay I will admit it... I love Sci Fi novels/shows/books. I mean I am not going to Comic-Con and I don't own a Darth Vader helmet, I am not that extreme. I just think Sci Fi stuff (specifically novels) can be such a great escape from reality.


  1. i want to borrow this book soon. i have to finish the hunger games series, and then catch up with olympian series books... then that is my next go!!! wheeeee!!
    i have a bunch of my Mimi's old hankerchiefs that i need to make into a quilt.... want to help me conceptualize the project soon?

  2. Hey Sweets, you know I would love to do that!! Just let me know when!