January 30, 2012

DIY: Cork Trivet

So here is a little easy and fun DIY project. When I say easy I mean 2 steps and $3. However, it might take some time to collect all the wine corks needed to complete this sucker, if you aren't like me and don't already have about a billion wine corks lying around. Hell for the trivet I made I used wine corks from our wedding 2 years ago.

Okay so let's start with supplies. You will need corks, obviously, a flat head screw driver, and an 8-10" metal hose clamp. You can get these thingeys for next to nothing at the hardware store.

Once you have your supplies, arrange your corks until you have as many as will cover the bottom of the size pot you want. put your clamp around and check it out. Do you have a lot of gaps? Probably...now tighten your clamp a little.

See how many holes you have. Now start squeezing in extra corks until you feel all the gaps are filled. Then tighten that clamp till you can't tighten it any more. the surface you are looking at will be uneven, that's cool you are going to flip it over when you are done anyway. Now that you are all tightened up. Flip it over and check out your awesome trivet with wine corks from great moments. Viola!!

Now start drinking more wine so you can collect corks and make this!


  1. This is too cool and something I would definitely like to make. Thanks for sharing, yours turned out really neat.

  2. So glad you liked it, it was so easy and cheap. A fun little project.

  3. So cool!! You gave me one more reason to indulge in a little wine tonight :)

  4. Fun idea! & so simple. I like projects that are actually easy to finish. :)