January 15, 2012

Flops and Tops

Well hello there!!! How have you been, I have been dealing with some internal disagreements between my head and well everything else in the world so I have disappeared a bit I guess. Since I am back I thought it would be good to start off with some funny flops and tops moments of late. Brace yourself folks.

The Flops:
  • Climbing in bed to read a good book that I really wanted to read, but knowing that I was pretty tired. Only to fall asleep and be woken up with the book banging me in the face

  • Deciding after my epic craft store fail (didn't have what I needed) that I need coffee to get through the day. So I stop and get a starbucks latte. I sit it on top of the cup holders (my cup holders have a cover you slide away to put cups down in) and forget about it. Oh yeah folks you can see where this is going. I turned the corner and bam a hot ...what the.... oh shit that's latte down my leg. Mind you the mister had just cleaned my car. Great timing right.

  • Deciding that while the mister is away for a few days I will build a fire all by myself. I have done this before why can't I do it again. Well  I start it, it begins to burn.. then nothing. All of a sudden the bastard smolders out and refuses to light again. It had been a bad day so I ever so nicely decided to take the poker thing you hit the wood with and well beat it senseless and start crying. Let me just also throw in that I was in hot pink pajama pants and wool socks. I may have slide and fallen to the ground while beating this wood.... yeah so while you picture that and laugh you ass off because looking back it was pretty funny. How about some successes???
The Tops:
  • The mister coming home after being away for almost a week!!

Umm...yeah he built a fire when he returned it stayed lit just in case you were wondering. So it must have been user error on my behalf

So with that said, I think that about sums up the good points of late. Kind of lame, but hopefully you got a laugh out my screw ups. Plan this week, do something worthwhile and enjoy it. Until next time crazies, have a great week!!

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  1. You are funny, hope you didn't get hurt when you fell.