February 13, 2012


Okay so when I say it snowed I mean like there was a 30-40 minute surge of constant snow fall. That came out of no where and then ended and melted.

So, I had woken up from a nap (because yes I am an old fart and like to take naps on the weekend) and I decided I would run to Old Navy to see something. So I darted out the door with no jacket and in flip flops because well it was 50 degrees out and when I left the sun was shining. After getting to Old Navy and seeing a few things, I reach for a sweater and this woman says "Oh I love that sweater and it would be perfect to wear while its snowing" I say "Yeah like that will happen this year!" She smiles and laughs and says "It's snowing right now!" and points out the window.

My jaw hit the floor.... I mean seriously..... I AM IN FLIP FLOPS!! It was crazy snow too the big wet type flakes, just craziness. Not to mention they aren't even counting it as snow because they say there wasn't enough to measure. Well... ha to you lousy weather man I have proof!!

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  1. You are funny. Flip flops really.