April 6, 2012

home tour: stair well

Okay I know I know, I have totally let my home tour fall off the radar. I fully intend to share an actual room with you all soon. This does however count as part of the home tour. This is my stair way or the top half anyway. I have little bits of art all over the wall going up the stairs, but these 3 are my favorites.

The little deer is one of those velvet paintings from the 70s, the etching on the left I won in a giveaway on Freckled Nest, and the cat is a card that is the spitting image of my old kitty cat Stinky. All in all it's a nice little collection. Wouldn't you agree!

Now onto some more personal news....okay so showing my home is personal but this pertains to my life as a whole. As some of you may know if you follow me on twitter I have been waiting to hear about a promotion at work. Well folks.... I heard this week, I got it!!! Now, I don't talk about work on here in specifics and I am still not going to go there. However,  I did get something that I feel I deserved and I am super proud of myself. So raise a glass tonight to me and my awesome sauce accomplishment won't you. Thanks!!!! XOXO



  1. Cheers and congratulations! That's fantastic. And I love your collection of art on the stairs. :)

  2. Congratulations on your promotion! Cheers to you! And your cute art wall.