June 14, 2012

Summer Garden

When my husband and I bought our home we knew that we wanted to grow our own vegetables. So the first year we tried, but failed. Maybe the soil was wrong, maybe we planted them at the wrong time, or maybe we didn't whisper enough sweet somethings to them. No matter the reason we didn't get much except cucumbers. This year however, our garden is over flowing and we are super excited.

I adore having fresh herbs to pick from when I cook, and the sage is so pretty. 
Tons of banana peppers I love these things. I put them on pizza, sandwiches, in salads. Whatever I can, and this year we are starting a venture in canning. Right now we have 2 jars of pickled banana peppers. Can't wait to eat them. 
We did 3 kinds of peppers. These are the red ones, but they aren't changing colors just yet. They need a little more time to cook on the vine. 
 Lots and lots of pretty squash that is overflowing into the yard.
My husband was determined to have home grown corn so there you have it folks. I am officially a farmer growing my own corn. 
We have 2 tomato plants. A cherry tomato and something called the home wrecker. Those haven't come in yet, but we have already started to enjoy the cherry ones. There is little jar on the window sill full of plump red tomatoes just waiting to be eaten.

I think growing my own vegetables has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Now they would not be growing at all if it weren't for the misters green thumb but either way there is pure satisfaction when you pick something from your own garden to eat.


  1. so jealous of your garden! I feel like we've been doing so much yard work (scratch that...the hubs has been doing all this yard work!) and don't have much to show for it yet. Can't wait to finally enjoy it though :) The fresh veggies and herbs look amazing!

  2. you're garden is so stinkin' awesome! and what a great box you guys built for it! swoon with jealousy!

    1. I take zero credit for that lovely garden. Andrew built the bed, bought the barrels and all the vegetables and herbs. He loves that type of thing and is good at it. I will pass your swoon along to him ;)