July 20, 2011

Meet the fam: Andrew

So now that we have seen the pets (first of course because they are so important) it's time to share the mister with you. My mister is Andrew and he is a tall skinny fabulous man. When I say tall I mean TALL...6 feet 9 inches tall. I tried to pick a picture or 2 that will show you his height but you really have to put him next to my 5'4" self to understand.

Isn't he handsome... I adore his ruby red lips and that crooked smile. He is an industrial designer and a biker. By biker I mean mountain biking, he is the co-captain of one of our local bike teams. He loves ice cream, and anything I cook (well he better!). He designs and builds metal sculptures as well as furniture from bike tires..he just loves to create and build. He is currently building a work shop in our backyard that he designed himself. He may be major tall but he is also major cuddly and I love him more than anything in the world.

Well now that you have met the fam, maybe next I will share photos of our home not sure yet.

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