July 19, 2011

Meet the fam: Owen

It's hard to top the cuteness that is my little Moby, but I think my sweet Owen may be able to do it. Owen is a 7 year old German shepherd/lab mix also from our local Richmond SPCA. He is very sweet, and always needs lots of love.

He is a happy puppy who loves his daddy more than life itself....that is total bull if you ask me considering I feed and walk his sorry ass. Oh well can't win em all....Moby loves me best :) ...(insert me sticking my tongue out at the dog)

Owen loves to chew sticks, hide when theres thunder, sleep on the furniture, take me for walks (he pretty much drags me on down the street), and cuddle with his dad. He loves to sit and survey his backyard, and keeps it 100% clear of all squirrels.

Tomorrow....I'll introduce the mister.

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