July 18, 2011

Meet the fam: Moby

Let's start this little bloggity blog off with a few introductions. You will be seeing a lot of the following creatures on this blog so I thought I would do a post for each one of them. First meet my pussy cat Moby. I probably should have done a post for the husband first....nah let's show cute kitties instead :).

Isn't he handsome. He is the cutest little tuxedo kitty cat. He loves to jump on everything. He sleeps on my dirty laundry, and lays in the sink while you take a shower. He loves to cuddle but only at night when you can't cuddle back. He is a master bug killer and really likes to eat your fingers. He is a sweet sweet baby and and I feel very lucky to have found him at the SPCA.

Tomorrow I'll show the dog....and then maybe the husband the next day.

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