August 16, 2011

Add a little color

Colors make me happy, that's the bees knees of it all. I just love color in my life, in my attitude, on my toes, and especially in my hair. I am not so hot on dying my hair, more in hair accessories. Wish I could dye my hair, but with the curls it just kind of looks dirty and like I had no idea what I was doing...not a cute look for me.

So I say let's add some color today! Whether it's just a bright color on your toes or a bright and colorful new friend. You may be surprised how much fun color can add to your life...and your kitty cat apparently. Moby was very confused as to why I had nail polish on his windowsill, he did not approve. Shortly after taking photos he proceeded to knock all the bottles on the ground. Thanks Moby.


  1. I should have read your post before deciding on an outfit of all BLACK this morning :)

  2. Oh gosh, this is why I love nail art so much!! It can just be that little extra pop of colour an outfit needs. Love bright nail colours :)

  3. Maddy, you should definitely have done that. However, I bet you looked super chic in your all black ensemble.