August 17, 2011

Life less ordinary

 A pretty card I found at Ellwood Thompson's.

A life less ordinary. A thought provoking idea isn't it. Makes me wonder what constitutes as ordinary or not so ordinary life. I would like to think I live a life less ordinary, here are my top reasons why.

*I think the greatest food combination in the world is white wine and cheez its. I swear people this will solve all the worlds problems, you can thank me later.

*I love Paul Newman and Molly Ringwald. I mean Paul Newman is was sexy as hell, and Molly Ringwald in all her short red hair and pouty faces make for a wonderful afternoon...maybe even pick one of her movies with lots of bleached jeans and crazy hats, you'll enjoy it I promise.

*I hum...yep it's true I pretty much hum all the time. While I am cooking, cleaning, and most importantly while I am grocery shopping. The little old ladies at the store give me funny looks but then I throw the stink eye at them in their walkers and orthopedic shoes...sometimes we have a stare down...I usually win.

*I call my dad Foobs. Long story short my dad and I play with words all the time and at some point I called him faber (instead of father) and then my best friend spelled it foober while keeping score of a card game and the foobs was born. You will hear a lot about him I am sure. Let's just say Foobs is the best dad on the planet, don't care if you all think yours is best because he's not...mine is!!

So there are a few things that make my life less ordinary. What makes your life less ordinary?


  1. I love this post! It's fabulous to be weird and different. In my mind, there is nothing worse than being ordinary.
    My life is less ordinary because I like to meow at my boyfriend. All. The. Time.

  2. Meowing at your boyfriend....sounds like fun ;)