August 30, 2011

A little update

Well hello there friends. Let me just pop in here while I am at work to let you know that I have been without power for going on 4 days now. Irene was so kind as to screw us royally. So needless to say that means no posting from this girl. I hope those of you out there that suffered some of Irene have power, because let me tell you. Making your dinner on the grill, having no AC, and taking cold showers is about as much fun as a poke in the eye with a hot poker. So the rest of you power enjoying folks go and have a great day. This girl is going to deal with this bullshit and celebrate her birthday in the dark tomorrow.


  1. I feel so bad for you guys! I'm crossing my fingers that you'll have power in time for your birthday tomorrow. I can imagine how frustrated you must feel to be without power all this time :( That royally sucks!

  2. Thanks Maddy, but it doesn't look good. With 400,000 people still without power and since they told me today they don't know what my power problem is I am not expecting it any time soon. Yes it does royally suck!