September 5, 2011

Life without power

Extension cords to the generator, the life saving generator, the only fan we had in the whole house. Thank god the weather was really nice.

Dinner on the grill, that is your only choice. Remember without power you don't have a stove that works. That night we had grilled cheese and fries.

Those are our pouty no power faces, Andrew jamming on his dulcimer because well...what else can you do. The dog panting because well no AC makes for a hot dog, and Moby laying in the fire hazard of cords.

Welcome to what life was like around our house during the 7 days we did not have power!! You read the correctly folks it was 7 days without power. That means no hot showers, no lights of course, no AC and a whole list of other things. We would have been totally up shit creek if it hadn't been for Andrew's genius in purchasing a generator. So with that we were able to run the fridge and keep food cold. Let's just say that this past week was quit possibly one of the most stressful and frustrating weeks of my life and it was birthday week to boot. Oh well can't win em all.

Although the lack of power was not fun. You can see we still had some fun, and I still had a great birthday thanks to my mister.

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