August 24, 2011

Outfit > Craving Autumn

Okay, so let's understand something about these posts right off the bat. I don't know where half of my clothes come from and they aren't all vintage or thrifted. Neither do I get tons of my crap c/o, I just don't. I am posting these outfits when I feel I look cute to document and use my blog to post about me and what I like.

Now that we have that out in the open, here is a cute outfit I wore to a friends birthday get together. I am craving autumn like crazy so jeans and a scarf were in order. It was still hot for a hat, but F* it! I am wearing one anyway. So yeah I got that hat from somewhere and threw it together with some other stuff from other places. You get the idea.

**On a side note...holy earthquake in Richmond yesterday. I know everyone all over the east coast it talking about it but it originated only 45 minutes from my home and it was powerful here!! Scary shiz folks.


  1. LOVE your outfit. I appreciate when people can pull off the vest look, I think it's so cute. :)

  2. I like your philosophy when decided whether or not to post an outfit! :) LOVEing your scarf. Great outfit to transition into fall

  3. Emily! I was wondering how you were doing and I come over to see a new space, new look, and an outfit post! LOVING it:) Your style is awesome, and you have gorgeous locks my friend!