September 7, 2011

Outfit > Labor Day

While taking these photos the other day, husband decided he wouldn't check the settings on the camera so the first round of photos were all white and this happens to be one of the few we took that I liked after reshooting. So let's just focus on my cute dress and shoes.....mmk??

Almost didn't buy this dress but loved the pattern too much, good choice right?? We didn't do anything for labor day, I spent most of the day watching this documentary thing on TCM it was really neato cheato. I am a movie obsessed nerd. I also watched a lot of pushing daisies, thanks to the husband who bought me the series on DVD. Still ticks me off that they canceled it after 2 seasons....bastards *shakes fist at world*.

Outfit details...umm, dress is Forever 21 I can't remember about the shoes. Check out this post for my feelings about these types of posts.

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  1. Oh, I totally know how it goes when no outfit photo is good enough. But I'm glad you posted this photo. I do love the pattern very much!