September 8, 2011

Baby buzz

Before you even look at the pictures let me set it straight right away. I AM NOT PREGNANT! I may talk about babies from time to time and things associated with babies as I am getting to that point in my life but there is no bun in my oven. If I were pregnant and at the point of sharing it with you all. This post would probably be titled I am pregnant. Glad we got that straight.

Are these little clothes not the cutest things you have ever seen? These duds belonged to my husband when he was a tiny little thing. Kind of hard to believe considering he is gigantor now, but just try and picture it. My mother in law recently sold her home as she prepares to retire and relocate so that meant time to clean out and get rid of.  She had kept all of Andrews baby clothes but these were the only ones we kept and I just love them. Those little overalls are just to die for. When we one day have a baby of our own boy or girl we figure either can wear these sweet pieces.


  1. I fell ya. I think I may be a little crazy, but I like it. Que 30 gallon rubbermaid FULL of baby/kid clothes from thrifting. Never hurts to be prepared, right?

  2. So important to be prepared, not to mention thrifted ones are definitely worth finding and keeping.