September 20, 2011

outfit > wedding fun

The wedding this past weekend was in Hilton Head South Carolina, that's about 8 hours from us. So on Wednesday we set off to travel down the east coast to see our sweet friends Logan and Christine tie the knot. It was a small wedding and by small I mean like 22 people including family. We were honored to have been included on the guest list.

We decided to partake in all the festivities this little shindig had going on. So one night we got all dolled up, and by dolled up I mean the basic crap you wear to work and headed out for a night of cocktails and laughs. It was a really fun weekend, but here we are back in the grind and reality life. Missing the smells of the beach but they have been replaced by the sweet smells of fall.

You know how some people get rejuvenated when spring hits. That's how I feel about fall. Everything about it make me feel new and alive. The cool breeze, the hot cocoa's, the warm sweaters, and boots. God everything is just so fab - u - lous!!

Psst....Part 1 of our love story coming soon, like this week.


  1. You look awesome in yellow. Such a happy color I think. :)

  2. You guys look great! Love your yellow cardigan! So cute! Where did you get that?

  3. @Lindsay - I got it at Old Navy way back when. Thanks by the way.

  4. I absolutely LOVE your dress and it's PERFECT paired with the yellow cardigan. Yup, so fabulous I had to use all caps about it.