September 22, 2011

Love Story > Part 1

I figured it was a good time to share me and my tall drink of waters little love story. How we met, fell in love, and became an us. It's an interesting story starting in college.

I moved into an apartment in a house. The downstairs apartment. It is the door in the right picture. Not the one directly ahead but the one on the left.

It was a house in one of those old ass collegey neighborhoods, we all wanted to live in but in truth thought was skeezy as hell. It was called the fort on the other side of the University of Tennessee's campus. I was a psych major minoring in art history and Andrew was working on his 5 year architecture degree. Andrew had been in a long term relationship with a chick named Stacy so we never really talked much. Truth be told we talked....never. I mean a tree fell out back of our house and took out our power. He comes out side with the rest of us looks at the tree, says nothing and goes back inside. First thought...WIERDO! However I always thought he was cute! So I proceeded to become a stalker and peep my peepers through the peep hole when I heard him bang his big ass bike down the stairs. I would also see him in the art & architecture building, he was on the top floor and I was in the same exact room for every art history course I ever took on the main floor to the left. Seriously the exact same room for all of my art history classes over the course of 2 years. It got a little old but I had a favorite chair that I enjoyed.

So while I was enjoying my cozy seat in art history, Andrew was breaking up with his girlfriend. Shortly after that break up. This very cute mister happened to be at a frat party at the douche bag loser kids house next door when I came home one night. He just so happened to have had a few drinks....or more like too many drinks. I spotted this little tid bit of information and thought...this is it E...ask him if he wants to come in for a drink (because it was clear he needed another one...whatevs). He happened to be towing a very not cute boy around with him so I invited them both in. Side note...that not cute boy proceeded to pass out on my sofa.

Once inside Andrew was a TALKER...who knew...since he never spoke to me before really. We had a few drinks, and then he asked if I wanted to come upstairs and look at his movie collection (like I didn't know what that meant...he thought he was smooth) because we had gotten into some long talk about movies. One thing moved to another and we might have played a little suck face and it might have been major awesomeness, but after a bit I pulled myself together and bid him good night. After saying goodnight I realized I didn't give him my number, because he lived upstairs and clearly didn't know how to get in touch with me. so I wrote him a note and placed the note in his mail box and hit the hay.

Part 2 coming soon. You have to be curious what happens next, right?!?!?!

**extra fun bit of parents met in the apartment complex across the street from that house that we met in, and have been together ever since some 36 years. **


  1. Ohhhh I'm interested to read more. Can't wait for part 2!
    p.s. That's so crazy your parents met just across the street. Weird but awesome!

  2. Yes, part 2! Part 2! My inner hopeless romantic needs a sweet story. :)

  3. Oh dear, I'm a bit late in reading this but so far I am HOOKED! I love that your parents met across the street... right now our first apartment is a mere block away from J's dad's first apartment after college. {He was a couple years older than his now wife, so she was still back at school.} I can't wait for Part II!

  4. Lol at suck face!! I'm already intrigued :) Moving on to part 2 next...