September 14, 2011

The right stuff: fun finds

I wanted to share a few of my most favorite things of late, to the tune of the new kids on the block, because these items are definitely the right stuff.
Pillows via couscousalut.

Cards via pixel and post.

hair pin via sunshine and carousels.

I mean I don't know that I need to even talk further about any of these adorb things. I mean the pillows I need them to cuddle with on the sofa. The tissue box cover should be on my coffee table. I will write letters to all 3 of my mothers on those super cute cards and thank them for loving me. I will do that while rocking that adorable hair pin. I mean that pretty much sums up the awesome sauce of it all.


  1. You have great taste. I'm especially a fan of those pillows and tissue box covers. :)

  2. Oh goodness, I'm so crazy about the whale tissue boxes! <3 They are oh-so darling!
    Lost in the Haze