September 13, 2011

It's a stache party

I need to have a date night with all of these lovely ladies! I love each and every one of them with all my heart. This was our last little hooray before people made big changes in their lives. From left to right.... Sarah has moved to the big apple. I have changed jobs again. Sweet Martha has put herself first and taken the opportunity she has been waiting for. Laura has closed down her business in town and moved back to the country full time. Kristy's little baby bean is now over 6 months old, and darling Catherine has moved on in her career as well and thinking of expanding her family....phew *wipes brow* lots of changes with my family of friends. Lots of wonderful exciting changes for my little group of giggly gal pals. How I love them!


  1. That's wonderful! It sounds like though there are changes, it's all good things :) I desperately need some girl time . Wish I had such a large group of close knit besties like you do!

  2. I love love love mustaches! Fake ones at least. I wanna come to your next stache party.

  3. Maddy I am very lucky for such great friends and you are right all these changes are good ones.