October 27, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

Today we are going to talk food. Sometimes most of the time food and I get into fist fights. Like the ones you had with you bigger sister that resulted in a whole in her door. True story folks I kicked a whole in my sisters door.

I always say to food...I will just have a little taste of this and that's it. Food then says "no way bitch...eat it all!!!" I of course curse food and then do just that. Food is like the bully I just can't face down. I am not even a big ice cream or cold food fan but I just had to have an ice cream sandwich to go with my billion calorie latte the other day. There are times I just want to flip food the bird and walk away, but truth is food has no power. I have the power I make the decisions. Maybe I should flip myself the bird, or just put giant chains on the snack food closet. 

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