October 17, 2011

DIY: hair bows

I made another great DIY a while back and thought I would share the instructions with you. These are some super cute hair bows I made. Sew easy...yes I did spell that sew since you are going to use your sewing machine...chime eye rolling.

Alright so you need to cut 2 pieces of fabric each 4 by 4. Then sew the 2 together with the pattern on the outside with your sewing machine. I imagine you could do it by hand, but man that sounds like a bitch of a project and whole lot less fun....just saying. Pinch together in the middle and wrap with ribbon, then hot glue the ends (in the back of course). Then just slip a bobby pin into the ribbon and you are good to go. I will warn you however if you don't use a durable fabric then edges will fray. Super easy and super fun. Especially for those scraps you have no idea what to do with.

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