October 18, 2011

The Flops & The Tops

The Flops:

Realizing that you work from home a lot, and when you get up you get dressed nicely (hence photo above)...like a professional. Only to change back into yoga pants about 2 hours because well no one sees you.

Also realizing that when you do that, you usually leave your jewelry and a nice shirt on with your slippers and yoga pants. Just in case the person on the conference call with you develops x-ray vision and can see you through that spreadsheet. Don't want them to think you are slacking.

Attempting to wash your face with hair conditioner. I mean like getting it all slathered on your face before realizing that it isn't face wash. Let's just say my face is now frizz free.

The Tops:

Having a really nice IMing conversation with your boss who is also working at home about how great of a job you do. Definitely not telling her you may not have showered yet that day and are definitely in your PJs.

Waking up late because you were dreaming about Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort to come downstairs and have coffee already brewing. The coffee may not have been the best but at least he made it for me.

Having a very real dream that you are a witch at Hogwarts and you are definitely BFF's with Harry P.  Pretty sure I was the coolest witch evah!  


  1. This post made me laugh :) I wash with shampoo all the time! Absentmindedness lol!

  2. Doesn't that just crack you up. I couldn't help but laugh at myself for that goof.

  3. LOL. I'm definitely feel in' ya. I work from home too so I can relate!