October 6, 2011

Engagement Story > Part 1

So now we know how I met and fell in love with my handsome man, and that I was planning to go to Richmond Virginia with him when he graduated so he could take that job.

Well, all that happened. In May of 2006 we packed up both of our apartments, some stuff from my parents house and traveled to West Virginia to get some things from his mothers house. It was the most interesting and whirl wind move of my life. I was traveling with my beloved cat for the first time (not the Moby but my first kitty cat Stinky) and moving the farthest from my home I had ever lived.

We arrived at our first apartment together in Richmond and were thrilled with what he had gotten online. I mean we had never seen the apartment and signed the lease based on photos alone. Alas, I do not have any photos of the front of that building to share with you.

Shortly after moving into this apartment Andrew began his first real adult job.

That really is Andrew on his very first day of work. He rode his bike because we had sold his car before moving to Virginia. Now your probably wondering what job I had...well I didn't have a job kids. I was applying like it was breathing but I couldn't get many hits. Until a month into being in Richmond and someone called about a sales position. At the time I didn't know that was what it was. I went for the interview, found that out and said..."I don't want to do sales, but do you have anything in administrative." It jus so happened they did. I had 2 interviews and 2 weeks later I had a job. The pay was decent and the benefits were great. The job was, well let's just say it was a job. Not a dream but a job.

Now Andrew and I were real adults. We had our own place, real jobs, and all that non sense and we both desperately wanted to go back to college. Yep I said it. We wanted to go back to the ease of college, obviously that wasn't a choice, but I needed to make it known. So this was life as a couple in a city we didn't know, where we had no friends but that would all change soon. Stay tuned.


  1. Ohhhh...cliff hanger. I love reading these. :)

  2. Thanks Sara. So glad people are enjoying my little story.