October 5, 2011

DIY: Leaf Garland

After seeing this cute tutorial I thought I would make my own leaf garland. I didn't really follow those instructions, just kind of used them as inspiration.

If you want to make my leaf garland, just follow these easy steps.  Cut the leaves from felt. Sew them together with your sewing machine. Add some extra leaves on to random ones you already sewed together so it looks like more leaves combined together. Tie buttons at the ends and call it a day.

Make sure to hang it somewhere you get to see it often. This is my bedroom, it adds that little bit of fall to every morning.

Happy Tuesday folks.


  1. this garland is sooooo super cute. i must check my felt stash for fall colors and will make me one! good job em!

  2. I love it Emily!!!
    I did this too but I never thought to add a leaf to another leaf!!
    That is so cute!!
    Happy Fall girl!!

  3. Love this tutorial, so simple and so pretty :)

  4. this is cute. i need more fall decor in my home.