October 13, 2011

Engagement Story > Part 3

Well things are about to get interesting people. I had packed my bags and planned out my trip to Oregon and Andrew was coming too. We originally weren't sure we could afford it but I really wanted him to be there. If for no other reason than Nicole hadn't met Andrew yet and I felt they needed to meet. I felt Nicole would understand my decision to move to Virginia more if she met Andrew (let's just say I was right).

We get to Oregon and it takes everything I have not to burst into to tears run into Nicole's arms and apologize until I lose my voice. I do run an hug her but I also manage to hold it together.

I'm sure at this point you are wondering what this is and how this has anything to do with me getting engaged, but I promise it all has a point and we are getting to it. It starts to get juicy right about now....

We are in Portland and I am spending time talking with my best friend. The girl I used to run up the hill with when we were kids. Who used to play nintendo all night and drink lots of this cranberry juice drink. We used to bake a cake and decorate it with hideous icing for our birthdays. We had a peg board full of funny photos. Oh I could go on and on with what we did and now it was like no time had ever passed. We laughed...she stressed...I kept her focused and we had a wonderful time post wedding.

The big day arrived and it was a whirl wind, we had to travel an hour or so to get to the wedding location and we got to talking. We talked about a lot of things, we apologized about things. It was wonderful.

Okay so on the big day I cried, it was beautiful.
Wasn't she an incredible bride. She was so gorgeous. I never saw her look so beautiful in my life. I mean most of my memories haver her with underwear on her head and hot pink sweat pants. All of that would sound less weird if you knew the girl.

The ceremony was incredible. I cried...no shock there. It was hotter than balls too. Man sweat was dripping down my legs and face but I didn't care. That dress too it was one of those materials that holds in smell. So by the end of the night it smelled like BO... I rememeber getting home and my whole suitcase stunk...major side note there folks but funny.

Back to the ceremony....it was one of the best expressions of love I have ever seen. They are and were so in love specifically in that moment.  So then the party started. We laughed, I told a speech about hotdogs and ketchup....don't try to understand just go with it. Then there was the bouquet and garter toss. As you might have guessed by now...
We caught them....both of them. Now I know that most people step away from the flying bouqet and garter but not this pair. We lunged for it and as you can tell. I was pretty stoked to have caught the thing.
God look at that face. I am such a cheese sometimes. So the wedding ended, we had an incredible time and bright and early the next day we caught a plane to go back home and back to our lives. Part 4 the final part is coming up and it will all come together soon. I promise it will all make sense in the grand scheme of the story.

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