November 21, 2011

Hair Don't

When you start a job and start realizing that you work from home a lot. You at first dress nicely because you feel you should and want to enjoy your cute outfits. Then slowly over time you begin to think ahhh who cares you aren't going to see any one. So then you get the hair styles above. Now I know you all are at home thinking man what a sexy biatch. I can't believe how good that hair looks. I know right. I mean if you want to have one hot ass hair set up like this. You just need to pull it back in a crappy pony tail and take the sticky outy parts and pull them back with bobby pins. Tada! Hot hair style in a matter of minutes.


  1. Ha! Don't worry- you look cute anyway!

  2. Thanks sweets. I wish I could agree....but what can you do. Not every day can be a good one right?!!?