November 18, 2011

Instax Lovin

We have one of those handy dandy hipster instax cameras. Which I have to admit is quit possibly the most fun camera I have ever had. I mean look at those mugs up there. Aren't we the cutest? Before you ask, yes that is my cat in the sink. He is such a funny cat. He thinks if he lays there we will turn the sink on so he can drink some water. Little does his dumb ass know that he can't drink it, he can only get wet if he lays in the sink.


  1. LOVE these!!! the instax mini is totally the most fun camera out there. :)

  2. Ha! I love the cat in the sink, but all four frames are full of adorable. )

  3. Oh yeah he does that in the sink trick pretty frequently. Not sure he is the brightest bulb in the chandaleir but he sure is cute!!