December 5, 2011

Flops and Tops

This week's flops and tops moments brought to you care of the Thanksgiving holiday. I know it was over a week ago, but whatevs these are still good ones.

The Flops:
  • Deciding to make my grandmothers famous cake for my mother, but realizing I have never made icing before and what I do end up making is more like fudge. That doesn't really spread on the cake. This leads to having a half iced half not iced cake.

  • Picking on my dad because he leaves the toilet seat up and every light in every room on. Only to have that backfire because this leads him to remind me every time he turns off one of those lights much like a kid...."Look mommy I did as I was told."

  • Reaching over to give my sweet cat a pet or 2 and scaring the living shit out of him. Like cats gone wild attack mode because he thought I was taking his tail.
The Tops:
  • Getting some nice photos with my family even thought I know they hate the all of 5 minutes it takes to take a photo.

  • Getting to do some shopping with my mother. Okay so I had to push her around in a wheel chair and we may or may not have hit a few of those stands they put up in the mall with stock stuffers, but whatevs. Pretty sure I put everything we knocked down back.

  • Making my grandmothers cake. Okay so the thing may have looked like I put it in the washing machine before serving it but it was tasty folks!! Tasted just like Grandrenie used to make.
*Side note for those amazing cooks out there. I now know when the icing isn't soft enough to spread add more evap milk. So I may have been a daft moron this time, but next time I will rock that cake fo sho!

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