December 12, 2011


This weekend the mister and I decided we needed to see the Lewis Ginter GardenFest light show. Truth be told we have lived in Richmond for going on 6 years and never even been to the beautiful Lewis Ginter gardens. We had a total blast checking out all their pretty lights.

Loved the little mushrooms.

The greenhouse/garden room thingy was just a really pretty building.

Typical Emily, being a total loser in front of the camera.

A really nice person volunteered to take this picture of A and I and I have to say it's one of our best. Will be framing this sucker for sure.

We had a total blast walking around the gardens and seeing all the pretty lights. It was packed as it was a Saturday and I may or may not have shoved politely asked a few kids/tweens to move along or not stop dead in the middle of the walk way. I mean I am all for admiring but really, MOVE OVER!

After the pretty lights we went to a new restaurant, the mill, and had too much some nice wine and enjoyed the evening. It was quit a nice way to spend a Saturday night.

Hope you had a great weekend, and are preparing for a lovely week!

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