February 17, 2012


I do not handle disarray well. I mean like I am pretty OCD about my house and really hate when the things that should have places to go don't. Right now the husband and I are doing some new things with his studio out back and making me a personal space of my own. Not just somewhere my sewing machine goes, but somewhere I can put my easel and my yoga mat and get away from it all. I will share more as it happens, but right now I have to address this mess.

Have a great weekend *Cheers*


  1. The good news? You have an awesome blue chair that I want to steal.

    1. That is the only good news going on in that room.

  2. that chair is awesome. but i hate disarray like that too - my husband's desk area at our old home was always awful and i just spent so much time trying to fix it (failed) then ignore it.

    cb2 has awesome office furniture!

    <3 katherine


  3. I'm the same way....clutter makes me anxious! But it sounds like the chaos is for a good cause. The space you're creating sounds wonderful!