February 29, 2012

Home Tour: Front entry

Welcome to my home.... I am starting a home tour and we will begin at the first thing you see when you come over, our front/mud room
This is the sight you see when first entering my home. Gotta love that fugly window unit that we don't use. Need to remove that sucker. 
This classy piece of furniture is in fact a kitchen island, but since our kitchen doesn't have room for an island and it cluttered up the dining room we moved it out here for storage. I think it works.There on the right is our little mail corner, where we put outgoing mail.
I put a bench here so you can take off wet shoes or put on boots to head out the door. We also keep the dogs leashes and hats out here.
We also stash our collection of watering cans, mason jars, and old lanterns out here. 
This room always confuses people. So to explain a little. This room was once an outside/side porch, but the previous owners closed it in and made a front/mud room type place. That's how we use it.  Everything you need to run out the door on an adventure.

Now to actually enter my home you have to go through that door on the right. That leads to my living room... the next room to be shared. Hope you enjoyed seeing in my home, and want to see more! XOXO


  1. I just love mud rooms. I've always wanted one! It sure beats leaving wet boots and muddy shoes in your living room!


  2. I love mud rooms!!! And I love that old Samsonite suitcase!!! SUPER pretty!! And the kitchen island is brilliant!! I love furniture in unexpected places!!!

  3. Wish we had a mud room and one that gets as much light as yours does! Someday (when you have little ones), that room is going to come in so handy! All the dirty shoes, sports gear, jackets can hang out there :) I love the pops of color throughout the space too! I need to get better about incorporating color in my decor.