February 24, 2012

Outfit > 75 in February

Well I finally got off my lazy ass and busted out my real camera instead of shooting everything with my iPhone.... yes thank you for that roaring applause. I know I have really been slacking, but I am resolved to fix that. Starting with this post of a super cute outfit I wore yesterday. For no particular reason, but considering it was 75 out I felt a dress with no tights or boots was a must.

Now I would sit here and give a run down of where my clothes and accessories came from but let's be honest do you really care? I will take a few points however for the dress as it is in fact a vintage piece from the amazing Halcyon Vintage in Richmond. Yes that one I am proud off. Aren't the buttons the cutest!

Have an amazing Friday and killer weekend *Cheers*


  1. I love this dress!! Crazy weather we have been having!! I wore shorts yesterday!! I hope you have an awesome weekend doll!! xoxo

  2. You look fantastic! We had gorgeous weather today too - though I didn't look nearly as good as you did in my outfit :)

  3. youre such a freakin rocker. i love it. you badass, you.