March 9, 2012

JA love

Dear readers, I'm still here. Thanks for asking.....wait you didn't. Jerks!! Either way I am still blogging. There have just been some crazy developments in my life lately. Work has gotten a little crazy, and then there is the book series that has currently sucked me in. It is by far the best smut novel I have ever read. Yes smut people, but I am not even sure that is the right category.  So maybe I will call it slightly trashy romance. Maybe you have heard of it.... Fifty Shades of Grey

With all that said, it brings to light my love for Jonathan Adler, since that purple thing in the picture above is my nook and my chubby fingered hands have been wrapped around that thing constantly since discovering this book series. I will just say this, I am here but busy. More fun posts to come next week.

*Cheers* XX

1 comment:

  1. Oh! I can use a little smut reading ...hehe :) Thanks for the recommendation! I may have to check it out!