March 12, 2012

Flops & Tops

Just a few moments from my life lately to give you a laugh!! XOXO

The Flops:
  • Offering to be a good colleague and take the cart back up the second floor only to have the elevator doors shut on you and the cart and screaming like a banshee because you thought the elevator was going to eat you.
  • A flop for the mister - watching some horrible beat your wife movie on lifetime movie network. The mister comes over and sits down looks at the logo and goes what is this the Latin American network. I just stared at him mouth open..... how he got that from LMN.... guess American is said Merican these days.
  • Getting things together for a crock pot meal. Some flank steak burrito thingys (technical terms on this blog of course). I cut the meat and place it in the pot... shit, wait I need to give it a rub first, place back in pot....wait I need to spray the pot.....spray and place back in pot.....wait the onions go underneath. Okay so you get the idea. I did eventually get it all in there, but clearly with a hell of a lot more trouble than it should have taken.

*side note anyone interested in posts about recipes that are winners?

The Tops:
  • Going to the grocery store and seeing it covered in cadbury cream eggs (the greatest things ever invented) and all things spring. So ready for it to arrive.
  • Working at home sitting at the dining room table with the windows open and a 75 degree breeze blowing through the windows. I mean I could tell you some other awesome things that happened lately, but really does anything get better than that!?!?!
  • Okay, just one more... getting a Valentine's card from your dad (the foobs) that says how proud he is of you and how much he loves you. I mean when it comes to dads.... mine is the total TOPS!! - I know this one is old, but still so good!

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  1. That's so sweet of your dad and SMH at the Mister! I've tacken the Crock Pot out from hibernation. It's about time I started using it again :) and it's about time I go back on WW - pants are fitting snug again (major flop over here!)