April 26, 2012


I am the absolute worst daydreamer. More specifically I am the worst day dreamer about how I am going to lose weight and be skinny again. Isn't that the worst thing to day dream about? Why can't I day dream about Paris in the springtime, Ryan Gosling shirtless,  or the millions of dollars I will have one day. No I have to fill my spare brain time with thinking about losing weight. Want to know the worst thing about these daydreams.... I NEVER DO IT! I think about it, I come up with a game plan and then nothing. I never follow through. So I am going to try to think about the above and make some changes. Because I am wasting a lot of time and energy wishing I would lose weight without actually doing it.

~ E


  1. Hey hey old friend!

    I know exactly what you mean! You'd think pregnancy would change that but I catch myself multiple times a day just dreaming of this mythical day when I will go to the gym and enjoy it, when I will be below my pre-pregnancy weight in record time after the baby is born, when I will run half marathons, when I will look amazing at the beach... yep. It's killer. It's usually during those daydreams that I actually decide NOT to go to them gym. Thinking about it was enough of a work out.

    1. I completely agree on all accounts. Now it's just time to change our thinking right!!


    what am i daydreaming about right now?? chocolate covered bacon... oh yeah baby.