May 11, 2012

Now and Then

Oh hi! How have you been. Me? I have been busy as hell. That is an understatement. As I mentioned a few weeks ago I got a promotion at work and it has been 60 hour weeks over here for this girl. So the idea of looking at a computer when I don't have to.... not fun. Also I haven't taken any pictures of well anything really. So nothing to share with you!

However, I am here to share a little something awesome sauce with you. Because let's all be honest who doesn't love a little choreographed you tube action. Can anyone say America's best dance crew...woot woot?!?!

Found via Rockstar Diaries

I hope you enjoyed that! Have any plans for the weekend? The mister and I are grilling out tonight and making smore's I can't wait. Also taking a little hike tomorrow and having a picnic. It's the perfect time of year for outdoor activities. So go get out of the house this weekend, that's an order. Have a great one.

P.S. - For those of that do blog or don't blog but read them. I am directing you to this post. Just a reminder that although the blogosphere shells out nothing but puppy and rainbow feelings. It's not always real life. 


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