May 22, 2012

Home tour: my backyard

Okay so I know my home tour has been all over the place, but whatevs. My blog, my home tour this is how you get it. So I just wanted to share my new favorite place in the entire world. This is my backyard. My little corner of heaven in the city. That blue thing is my husbands studio and those twinkly lights.... AWESOME!

You know when you are a kid and you see those house in movies where they always have these pretty lights and set ups in their backyard... yeah that's what I got folks. It's one of those dreamy things that comes with home ownership. After you realize that you pay your mortgage payment of $$$$ and only about 36$ goes to the actually cost of your home.... yeah, so when I sit in my backyard and enjoy these lights I realize I do love my home and am lucky to be able to own it...or at least pay the bank that owns it.


  1. That is AMAZING! I absolutely love it and am totally jealous. Our new place has a big backyard, but no fences and no major landscaping. My goal is to have our patio worked up into a fun little getaway by next summer!

    Seriously... I LOVE IT!


  2. love it Emily! I made our back porch like this for Molly last year for mother's day. Looks like a very chill place to...well chill.