June 6, 2012


I have a confession to make. I have been thinking about having kids for awhile now. It is something that I think about pretty often lately. I am not sure what triggered this feeling, maybe my biological clock that everyone talks about has finally started. I still don't think we are ready, but I think about it.

As I look up at these pictures and think...well I have kids those little furry creatures are my babies I think there has to be something more. As I think about my life and where it has gone in the last year or so I think about what I want in life and what would fulfill me. I also think am I ready to change my life and never look back. My mom always reminds me not to romanticize children. They are work and not always fun and cute. I know all these things so I have to ask myself am I ready?? I don't know, I suppose that answers it for me doesn't it.

All seriousness aside, our current kids would not be happy to have some smelly crying thing crawling around I can just picture the death glares from Moby now.

Happy Hump day

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