June 4, 2012

Sometimes I sew

The other day I decided I do the same shit everyday. I work my ass off for 10 hours in front of a computer, only to turn it off and turn on the television. This is just stupid. There are so many other things that I used to love to do. Crafty type things. So I decided screw TV I am going to make something. I had been wanting to try my hand at these little guys so I did just that. 

After taking a good 30 minutes to remember how in the hell to thread my sewing machine, I got to work making my own little fox pillow. Okay so the fabric I chose is a little tripy but try not to stare too long. Isn't he cute?!?! We (by we I mean me and the cat) have named him Marvin and he is hanging out in the guest room ready to welcome whoever comes to visit.



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    1. Yeah he is pretty cute, I was pretty proud of myself on this one :)