July 16, 2012

Here today, gone in 5 seconds

Well folks there you have it. A storm blew threw about 2 weeks ago. Some say it was a tornado but who knows. All I can say is I stood upstairs in my home, and watched our beautiful tree snap in half. It was a split second and it was gone. I think the storm lasted all of 15 minutes. It blew 42 power circuits in 45 minutes and took half my pretty tree. As of right now we have managed to keep the front half, but let's just say the thing looks sparse and my pretty backyard lights are no more.

Now I have complained my fair share about losing this tree, cried even. However, I am not going to do that now. Because there are people in CO who lost everything not just so tree. So it's a loss but one I can survive. I will say this though, the weather and I are not friends. Mother nature... it's me Emily... I hear what you are saying, but could we cool it for the rest of the summer. I don't want to go 7 days without power again this summer!

How are you my measly few readers? Have you had any crazy weather? or crazy anything happen lately?

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