August 15, 2012

DIY: Glittery Starbucks tumbler

So I know in the grand world of blogging, when you propose doing a DIY project. You photograph your supplies, and show yourself in the process of doing the project. However, traditional is not how I fly. So what you get here in this little DIY post is a list of what I used and the finished product. I feel that should be sufficient considering how easy this project is.

Starbucks mug with removal insert. They do not make these any longer, but you an still get them online.
Colored glitter... I went girly girl here, but any color will do. 
Paint brush
Modge podge

Take out the insert part. Paint the inside of the main tumbler with modge podge. Dump a bunch of glitter in the cup. Shake it around until it is all covered. Let it dry. Voila. Now you have a blinged out Starbucks tumbler. Fun, easy, and adds a little sparkle to your day.



  1. I love you. And this tumbler. Seriously I think I would die of happiness if I did one in Christmas glitter...


    1. Love you too! Christmas colors would be so fun. Do it!

  2. This is amazing! I have like 5 of these floating around and get so bored of the way they look! Thanks!!

  3. Hi, I absolutely love the glitterized Starbucks tumblers...almost as much as I love Starbucks!! I was wondering if you happened to know where to get these with the removable insert? I don't believe the Starbucks website sells them anymore. I thoroghly appreciate it, Em!!

    1. Hi Stephanie. I think you can get them on amazon. Hope that helps!