August 13, 2012

Flops & Tops

It's been awhile since I shared some good and well strange moments in my life. Thought it was a good time to do that.

The Flops:
  • Walking into the kitchen with a dirty dish from some very intersting tasting red velvet ice cream, and opening the fridge to place the dirty dish inside. I did manage to stop myself, but obviously the ice cream wasn't that satisfying if I headed straight for the fridge.
  •  Ummm... major flop, developing an ulcer at the ripe old age of 27. I mean what is that. Whatever... so pepto and I will be getting up close and personal.
  • Re-painting the living room a lighter grey than was originally there. Only to discover in some light it looks purple. Well, whatevs folks, I like purple and will be damned if I am going to paint it again. 

The Tops:
  • Sending the mister to Target to return something and he returns with the spoonula thingy you were talking about the other day. Awesome sauce! 
  • Drinking beer in bed with a great book on a Sunday afternoon... yes folks that's what those photos mean. I think beer in bed is better than anywhere else.
  • Getting my kitty cat home from the vet, and knowing he will be just fine. Poor thing was in a lot of pain, but $600 some odd dollars later he is a-ok.... for now. 

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