September 3, 2012

Mister makes dinner

I love when the mister gets excited about something and makes dinner. We grew some eggplants in our summer garden this year, and Andrew got could not wait to make something with the eggplant, so we attempted this eggplant parm. Let's just say if you want to know what a car tire tastes like, give this recipe a try. It looks tasty, but it tasted....rough. I felt bad because he worked so hard. However, we both agree car tire eggplant no bueno.

1 comment:

  1. a couple tips on eggplant:
    1- salting it first helps to bring out any moisture that is bitter...this is only necessary with store bought eggplants.

    2- they take up TONS of liquid when cooking or else are rubbery. therefore, i tend to cook them in a bit of broth with oil rather than all oil to allow them to become supple but not greasy (and a lot healthier!)

    give it a try a second time!! just try a different recipe, ha ha.