September 9, 2011

Fall Fridge

For those of you that don't know already, I have a chalkboard fridge in my kitchen. My kitchen is old, with it's original cabinets from 1945 and we inherited it with the biggest ugliest fridge. So we sanded that bitch down and painted it with chalkboard paint and it has been fun shiz to play with. Yesterday as it was raining I decided the fridge needed a new look. I slapped a big old tree on it fall style. Can you tell I am ready for fall with this post, and my tree decked out?!?!?!

I love fall it is definitely my favorite time of year and this fall we celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary...hard to believe. Makes me think it might be time to share our love story. Just to get you excited my love story includes blood, falling trees, and the card game war. Are you curious yet, it's a good story folks.


  1. Oh man, that sounds like quite the story. :)

  2. That's what I need in my dorm! A chalkboard fridge!! Too cute!

  3. Love it! A chalkboard fridge sounds like so much fun, and your tree drawing is perfect for fall. I can't wait until the leaves start to change!