September 30, 2011

The Flops & The Tops

So I thought it would be fun to talk about something that happen to me on any given week. Those that were total tops and rocked my face off and those that were epic flops and sucked a big fat one!


Getting your card badge for work stuck in your underwear any time you go to the bathroom. This happens pretty regularly to me and I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.

Attempting to make dinner and as per usual realizing that you forgot a vital part of the recipe.

Driving to the grocery store for said vital ingredient in grubby yoga pants and white shirt...only to realize you aren't wearing a bra. I probably looked like I had a twitch as I tried to dance in different directions to prevent showing the 15 year old bag boys my nipples... I don't think I succeeded.

Watching a scary movie while your home alone and seriously debating about sleeping with the baseball bat from behind the door and the lights on. I may or may not have slept with the lights on, I left the bat where it was though.


Upon returning with that vital ingredient to the recipe mentioned above, making AWESOME cheese enchiladas.

Making a real effort and driving the hour and 15 minutes out of town to spend some much needed time with a dear friend and laughing at a movie where a main character is called Ditchwater Sal.

The weather finally turning colder and becoming the perfect fall weather for the outfit above!

*Side note, my engagement story to be shared soon and if you were one of those that asked what happened to the friend I didn't go to Oregon with...all will be answered.


  1. Fun post idea. :) I feel ya on the bra. The one time I decided to run out of the house without a bra and go to Target for a tea kettle with my guy, we were held up outside and ending up sitting in a cold police station with dudes EVERYWHERE. Never again will I brave the streets bra-less.

  2. lol you are awesome. and so is sara's comment above mine! hahaha i think my boobs are too big to ever even think of doing that, it would be a disaster for all involved.
    hope you had a great weekend - adding you to bloglovin :)

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