October 3, 2011

Sigfried and Roy

I am betting you are thinking what the hell is Emily talking about. Well folks a while back I had the best text message conversation with my best friend of forever. It was so classic and funny I had to share it with you all.

If you tell me that didn't make you laugh you are a crap face liar!! I mean come on...as you have seen from photos of me...spandex and glitter could be a little rough. Not to mention my dad in spandex...SCARY.

So just a brief back story Nicole and I have been friends since my 7th grade and her 8th grade year so a total of 15 year. It blows my mind sometimes all the good times we have had and how well we know each other. Just for fun....
I mean really!! We were so young and so not cute. I had braces and we both fought our curly hair. Just for the record that is a scrunchy in my hair and I am wearing breakfast food pajamas because well they must have been awesome if I was wearing them...nough said! On a side note can we talk about the awesome gymnastic cat poster in the background...and I wonder why I wasn't in the popular crowd.

*This is the girl I was supposed to go to Oregon with that I discussed in our love story. I will explain more about how she took my not going and how our friendship was healed in my engagement story.

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