September 28, 2011

Love Story > Part 4

Things are about to change big time folks. My entire life takes a turn I did not originally expect and one that at the time put a large wrench in my relationship with my nearest, dearest, and oldest friend.

So as I had mentioned before I was supposed to make a move to Portland Oregon with my very best friend Nicole. I was waiting for her to finish up what she was doing and that summer the move was to be made. Well, as you can guess I didn't go to Oregon.

After we got back from Ohio Andrew had 3 job interviews. While he was away on those job interviews I headed home to have dinner with my parents, and I told them I was in love with Andrew. My dad stops grilling, looks at me and says "What makes you think you are in love". I didn't really know how to answer that I just knew I was in love with him. My dad says well you better invite him over for dinner.

Once Andrew returned we sat and talked about the interviews. He had 3 interviews but I only remember 2 of them. One in Raleigh and one in Richmond. He said he liked both companies so now it was down to where he wanted to live. I said pick Richmond....he asked why..."because I like Richmond." He looks at me and says oh you do, so that means your coming with me? I said YES!! We both laughed a little and kissed and hugged. I knew right then that Andrew loved me as much as I loved him.

Later that week we take a trip to dinner with my parents. Let's just say they liked him right away, and if you ask my mom she will say I dated total losers until Andrew. I think she has a sweet spot for him. So while at dinner with my parents we said we wanted to move to Richmond together. My parents were shocked but excited. My dad then turns and says "Well just make sure you live together, don't make me pay rent Ems when you are just going to be staying at Andrew's place the whole time." If you know my dad you know he doesn't say many things in a serious way. So this comment surprised me. The next day, foobs called and said..."Baby we are fine with you moving to Richmond with Andrew, but if things don't work out you come home!". I have the greatest dad, always looking out for my best interest. So it was settled I was moving to Richmond with a boy that I was in love with only 6 months after we started dating. I had no idea what was in store for us or where things would lead, but I was excited to find out what lay ahead.

So that's it folks. That is my love story with my man....would you like to hear our engagement story?? It's pretty classic too. The kind of thing you can't make up.


  1. Keep posting! You have an engagement, and wedding story to tell still! They never get old.

  2. I love how open you are with your blog. That's what makes it a good read. xx

  3. Of course I want to hear more. :) Your story is so sweet. :)

  4. I'm loving it! How did your friend feel when you ditched your plans to move to Oregon? (Side note: Portland is one of those places I've always imagined living in). I'm surprised your parents took it so well! If they reacted differently, do you think you would have gone anyways?

  5. Maddy stay tuned all will be answered.... and yes I still would have gone.